Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ho ho ho ...

To all my friends over there in the US of A and elsewhere on the planet, I hope you have a groovy holiday season and that Santa is good to you.    Thanks for popping by and checking out what I've been ranting about over this past year - lots of changes have happened in my life and I think that I'm only coming to terms with some of them now.   Life is good, I have nothing to complain about.  Although I do.

This time last year, I was just getting settled into life in the UK and figuring out how to get into Norwich on the bus.  So much has happened since then, all of it good I think (at least for me and us in the UK).   We seem to have been the catalyst for change in our family dynamics, as now my eldest son is going to be moving from Johannesburg to Durban (about a 6 hour drive from Jo'burg).   I don't think that this is such a train smash for him, he is looking forward to taking up his new role and making the most of the opportunity that's been given to him.  Of course, it will mean that his siblings who are still living in Jo'burg won't be seeing him as often and by extension, won't be around to see their nephew - my son's new baby - grow up.  I think that's causing my youngest daughter quite a bit of stress at the moment.  At least my eldest son isn't moving to the Cape - I remember when my mother moved down to Hermanus, I only saw her once a year.  Durban is do-able for a long-weekend short break, so I'm sure the family over there will still see each other fairly regularly.  They will just have to learn to make the effort.  

My youngest son is now making all sorts of noises about upcoming nuptials - possibly next year.  That's a bit of a disaster for us, as we definitely won't be able to afford to go over to South Africa twice in 2014. I doubt that we will get there for at least another two or three years.  Anyway, we will have to discuss that when we get over there in February.  Sometimes I get the impression that he only mentions a wedding when his fiance is around, to keep her happy.

I am considering making sweeping changes soon to the way I earn my living because at the moment, it's a bit of a non-starter.  I have 3, with the potential of four, clients who are supposed to be supplying me with regular transcription work.  At the moment, the bottom seems to have fallen out of this market as there is very little work available.  It may just be the time of year and things will start to change dramatically in January.  I can't compare this with any data, as I only began working for myself with any degree of regularity in the UK during March/April this year.  I have looked, though, at the amount of effort that goes into this type of work and for what I get out, it's not worth it at all.  I can only ever consider it as pocket-money, it's definitely not the money earner that I thought it would be.  So I came to the conclusion that I would rather expend the energy knowing that my returns, at the end of the month are at least above starvation level (income wise).   So in the next weeks, I'm going to be brain-storming new ideas and ways to shake this money-earning mutha up.

If I don't post again before the end of this year, have yourself a truly great time and all the very best for 2014 - I hope your dreams come to fruition and that the New Year is one of excitement, prosperity, joy, happiness, health and enlightenment for all of us!

Love to you all, but especially to you.

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