Friday, December 19, 2014

Stick wid it

Yeah, so I've just finished Chapter Two.   I am outlining at the moment, laying the basic thing down and then with the re-write I'm going to put in dialogue, description, guts, atmosphere - so a long way to go but so far it's coming along.  I didn't write yesterday (at least not on the story I'm working on now) but i DID think about it non-stop and make mental notes of things I want to include.  So I suppose I was writing, just not typing!
Har har.

The kiddies finish school today for the school hollerdays. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Advice for writers

1.   Make a promise to yourself, an oath, something like that.  A pact even.  Agree with your bad self that you ARE going to write every day and choose a time.
2.   Set it up, so you can just get to it, without procrastinating about where to put the laptop, or where your notes are.  Get it all right.  Make yourself some coffee, sit down.
3.   Write.

It's really that simple.
I've done the first Chapter. 
And I didn't need a quiet environment in a sealed off chamber at the bottom of the garden, away from civilisation either.   My grandson is home sick today, he's playing in the lounge and making noise.  I just got stuck in and voila after an hour I have 1,500 words.


Now tomorrow I'm doing another Chapter and so it goes.  I know I can now.

Monday, December 15, 2014

When will I live up to my expectations?

I dreamt I was with Bill Gates last night and I was talking about my son to him.  The night before I dreamt that I was barefoot and wandering through a huge market, where they were selling my art. 
And still I haven't made a start on the dreaded book.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Time ... and how to waste it

Such a cracking title for a book.

Which brings me to my next point.

The hours expended making craft items to sell at the Christmas fair, plus the money lost on supplies, has just not paid off.   (*Well, no surprise there ).   I think that I have wasted in excess of three weeks (how many hours is that then?) working on crochet items, paper jewellery (that you didn't even take with you to sell on the day, did you?), christmas decorations (again, didn't take the ones that you'd made) ... complete waste of time and effort (and money ... don't forget the pounds down the toilet - big negative point that).

Then you look at someone like Kendra WIlkinson (or whatever her name is), who blazenly spews out on I'm a Celebrity (no, I don't watch it) that she earned over half a million dollars in one year STRIPPING ... makes me want to shoot myself in the head.

Oh well, here's to some more time wasting ... because for the next couple of MONTHS I'm going to be trying to write the damn book and get it sent (accepted) to a publisher.

*(the other me)

Monday, November 17, 2014

I'm only human

Brian Cox ... sorry, Professor Brian Cox OBE ... him of the BBC show 'Human Universe' (and loads more such thingies); physicist, Carl Sagan clone, musician, writer, father, all round yummy person. Married to a journalist/tv presenter/writer/uber interesting female American person.  They have a a little boy. 

So back to Brian.  There must be some mathematical formula, some elegant equation that explains how one person can have the time to solve the mysteries of the universe, look gorgeous all the time, get so much important stuff done in his life and I can't seem to find the time to get just ONE book finished, or do anything I 'set my mind to'.

Why is that?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Post Hiatus might be over ...

Look I HAVE been posting to this blog throughout July and up until now ... but I turned off 'public' view and saved the stuff as drafts because it's all notes for the book I'm now starting to try and put together.     'Nuff about that for now.

There are quite a few things going on in my (and our) lives at the moment here in ye olde Long Stratton. I have, Dog forbid, actually started using Facebook occasionally. I am not in anyway proud of that fact but it has helped me 'network' with local people and get to know what's going on here. I try to stay away from FB as much as I can.

I have been doing a lot of 'crafting' work - making things for a Christmas Fair stall that I have set up for the beginning of December.   Some of the things I've been doing on a regular basis:

  • experimenting with paper bead making and making jewellery to sell at the Fair.
  • wire wrapping of beads, stones and other things
  • dying silk scarfs with sharpies and rubbing alcohol 
  • crocheting 'Olaf' beanies and other plain beanies, hats, scarves etc.
  • Made Christmas snowflake ornaments
  • Helped my daughter create wonderful Christmas bauble wreaths (for selling at the Fair) 
  • doing some more poured paintings (more on that later).
  • crocheting a blanket for my bed, knee blanket/throw and now I have volunteered to make a double blanket for a work colleague of my daughters. 
  • I've started cutting out a costume ball gown style dress for my grand-daughter, that I am making for her as a Christmas present - I hope to get stuck into that next week and get it finished. 
  • Completing the finishing touches to a woven ribbon baby blanket that I started making when we were in South Africa. 
  • Writing (yes, I've actually TODAY printed out all the notes that I've assembled for my book - about 50 pages so far of notes, so I've got no excuse, there is a lot of meat to work from)
  • Trying to better understand my camera, bemoaning the fact that I don't have a DSLR, using my tripod and having a great time learning new techniques but I do need to look at getting a DSLR early next year. 
  • Went to the Isle of Mull and Oban earlier - the website with photos on is here 

I am going on a cruise to Norway next year April with my Auntie Jean ... paid my share at the end of October, so I'm really looking forward to that. Although how I'm going to get to Tilbury Docks I don't know.

There are loads of other things that I've gotten involved with, done or tried to do but I'm not going to say anymore, other than I'm back and hope to write a few things of interest in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

alive and kickin'

Well the move didn't prove to be too hard, thanks to help from our good friends Tim and Toni ... otherwise, I dread to think how it would have turned out.   Due to all the cleaning and me worrying myself sick about making sure the old house was ship shape when we left it, we managed to get our full deposit back, which is always a bonus.
Our new place is fabulous, my other daughter is now also living with us (she arrived from SA on the 1st June), we have lots of room (this is a five bedroomed pozzie with study, separate dining room and massive lounge).   I have a studio ...

So yeah the art is once again stuffed to the back of the shed and no more work will be done on any new paintings for at least another year and a half.  Story of my life.

otherwise, life is peachy.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Birdsong and cardboard boxes

Haven't written on here for a while - not really been arsed actually, I'm getting rather bored of the whole blogging thing, so might end up deleting this soon.
We are moving towards the end of this month.  I am battling to get enthusiastic, basically just thinking about all the fighting, screaming and lugging of boxes about the place is putting years on me.  I'm too old for this shit. And there is the not so small matter of packing up my art equipment and unsold canvasses.

No, I haven't found representation. But let's be honest here, I haven't exactly been applying myself and trying.   I entered an art competition where I was forced to shell out a whole twenty quid and I'm sure it will turn out to be a complete waste of money, I would have done better to use the money to buy more canvasses. 

I want to paint so much, it's starting to creep into my dreams.  I want a room to myself, flooded with light and air, music and on warm sunny days, birdsong wafting in on chirrupy wings ... why does that seem like such an impossible a dream to have?  Other people have achieved this ideal with half my talent.  Painting is all I want to do, all I've ever wanted to do if I look at my life with any degree of honest scrutiny.  I just wish someone would part with some money and buy ONE painting, then I'd feel validated and not guilty about the need to paint as much as I do.  I would be able to justify going to the garage and pulling out another canvas.  Wishing about it, isn't going to solve the problem though, is it?

Not selling paintings didn't seem to bother Vincent VG that much but he was delusional most of the time, he thought his work was being sold by his brother, instead it was just piling up in a warehouse.

"Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime Red Vineyard at Arles. This painting now resides at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. The rest of Van Gogh's more than 900 paintings were not sold or made famous until after his death."  (From the Van Gogh Gallery website - i found the link to the Pushkin Museum)

The hard realism is this - a person can't keep painting year after year, with canvasses piling up and not selling anything, eventually it becomes an exercise in futility.  So if that's the case, at what point do you decide that's when you have to stop?   Painting / Art is all I want to do, all I have the 100% drive to do - I need NO encouragement at all to paint, I know that. It is a truth about my life and what drives me on as a person.

Monday, April 28, 2014

looking for an up ...

For the past few days I've been hit with a kind of melancholia ... there's no other word that fits how I'm feeling.  I do not know what is wrong but something is.  Weird.  It's like my world is a bit off kilter, not in the best shape that it could be in and I've no idea how it got like that or even less of a clue how to fix it, if it even can be fixed.  I'm teetering on the brink of having a good bawl most of the time but as far as I can see there's nothing wrong, nothing to cry about and everything to look forward to. 

The word for this is 'prescience'.  Scientists, realists, pragmatists, poo-poo the whole concept of 'other' dimensions of consciousness, or having second sight/clairvoyance but I've had these feelings on and off for most of my adult life.  I've learnt not to ignore them. 

It works on the opposite plane as well - I've had feelings of absolute euphoria on many occasions in my life.   There's been no reason to justify the sudden overwhelming sense of complete happiness, no plan about to come to fruition that I could base the 'premonition' on.  Just an unflinching, unwavering knowledge that something exceptionally good is about to happen, something that's going to change my life in a huge way.  The feeling is so strong that it forces me to walk with a spring in my step, giggle like a little girl, smile continuously all the time ... when this happened the first time, I thought I was losing it.    

With the down-prescience, that I'm in the midst of at the moment, I am gripped in a powerless state, I can't do anything about what's coming up because I can't 'see' what it is.  I become lethargic, bored, lose interest in most things.  Any task seems meaningless.  I have an intrinsic knowledge in my bones that something catastrophic is about to happen that will have a deep impact on my psyche. The inability to be able to plan ahead and avoid it, is so frustrating, saddening and worrying.  It feeds upon itself in a vicious circle and I feel like the proverbial sword of damoclese is hanging over my head.  

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Biding my time over there on Wordpress

I have been posting pictures of my art to a Wordpress blog since March and the response that I have received has, frankly, knocked me out.  I am beyond amazed at the calibre of creative people (artists, writers, sculptors, photographers) who are 'liking' my work and 'following' my blog.  Some of these artists have established careers and are internationally known with huge portfolios of work.  It has been gratifying for me to get this level of feedback from my peers and has encouraged me enormously.  I am beginning to understand that I do have something to give, as an artist, and that my work does  have artistic merit, so this has been a very positive time for me.   I have never received this kind of response from the posts that I've done here on Blogger.

In addition to the work that I've posted on this blog, I have added the following pieces to my Wordpress site:

Memories of Africa - this was an original painting that I reworked

Windy day at Caister-on-Sea  - Mixed Media Collage using silk material for texture, acrylic and effect paints

Kelp2  - texture using caulk, acrylic paint on stretched canvas

Norfolk Rapeseed - study for larger work - caulk, acrylic paints

Untitled Mixed Media  - substrate is a previous old painting, covered in newspaper cuttings, glue, acrylic paint, irridescent paints, metallic paints

I may not continue posting here, as I am now concentrating most of my effort on getting representation with a gallery - I've been told to concentrate on the London area, rather than mess about with Norfolk galleries. So we'll see how I get on with that.

The biggest dilemma I have at the moment, is working out the value of a piece.  This is a very hard problem for me, as I automatically denigrate my stuff, so putting a positive value on it is not something that I have any clue how to do!   I was considering asking people to comment / complete a poll on my Wordpress blog but this might look very unprofessional.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Monumental pieces of art in the Scottish landscape

Something inspiring (for a change) ... The Kelpies (a monument to working horses) at Falkirk, Scotland.   Google it, watch the video of construction process here.

Andy Scott - creator - with two Clydesdale's 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Off the side of my head

So tomorrow marks the twentieth anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain. 20 years.  Wtf.  That's not right, surely.   What were you doing in April 1994 then?  Wow, what a mind trip.  That was like a long, long time ago.  I'd just got divorced.  Seriously wanted to move to the UK but couldn't, due to my mother still being alive in Cape Town and my children needing moral and emotional support.  I remember sitting in my little one-bedroomed flat one night, contemplating suicide.  Even though I'd extricated myself from a dead marital situation, I was still trapped and I would forever be trapped (as far as I could see it then).  But then I put on some Nirvana and banged my head a bit ... years roll by, life goes on, shit happens and da dah ... now I'm living the dream. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

To my muse *

Well I approached two other galleries at the beginning of this week.  I was given some encouragement by the second one but still no representation.  "Take the good from whence it cometh" I (kinda) hear you say in the back of my head. I am getting a lot of positive feedback from the dudes over on Wordpress - so that's nice and fine and dandy. No, I won't link my Wordpress blog to this one.

So how are you today?  Are you happy? Do you ever miss me? I miss you. Will you ever talk to me again?

*His name starts with a "G"

Lost and Found

I'm Italian. I like Art. I work for Fiat. One day in 1975, I go to a lost-property auction and see these two paintings:

Sorry about the small images, best I could grab off Google at the moment.

I buy them for 45,000 Italian lire (23 euros; £19).   Several decades later, my son comes to visit, he's got a book on Art.   He's flipping through the pages and comes across a spread on Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin.   'Hey dad, this dude's paintings look almost the same as the ones you've got on the kitchen wall..."

 A.      If you are even slightly interested in Art, how could you NOT see that these paintings were by a world-famous  artist?
B.      They were on your kitchen wall, moved from one house to another and nobody who saw them bothered to check what they were and by whom?
C.      These paintings do not belong in Italy, they should be sent back to France. 
C.      Paul Gauguin, in my humble opinion, is the most influential painter of his time and the guiding light urging me on, the reason I keep trying to paint.  I cried when I saw this article (link at the top of this post).  Well not real tears, but I did get all choked up.   I would KILL people to have a Gauguin on my kitchen wall.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Go Optimus

So last Sunday was Mother's Day here in Ye Olde UK.  My daughter decided that we should watch a chick flick, something not too heavy, no horrors, a bit uplifting (for a change) ... so what does she hire? 'The Impossible' with Obi-Wan-Kenobi and a chick actress who get seriously fucked up by a tsunami. And survive. What a joyful little film!  Not.   Lady of the house has since been banned, with immediate effect, from choosing anymore movies for our Saturday/Sunday night's entertainment.

Speaking of movies, who's sick of superhero fillums?  I never thought I'd say that at all. Ever in my life. But I'm right fed up with Spiderman, the Avengers, Batman, Superman, Thor, TMNT et al ... but I'll NEVER be tired of Transformers ... yeeha!  And now the deluxe version with a REAL actor in (Marky Mark, as opposed to dweeble Shia LeBouffe) ... oh yum, can't wait - going to be watching this soon enough.

Hope springs eternal

Why, whenever we read stuff about American politics, do commentators only mention the Republicans and the Democrats?  I didn't even know that there's a party called the Libertarians - which is the third largest in the US, according to that stronghold of wisdom and public knowledge, Wikipedia. You never hear anything about these people, why not?

It's a beautiful day here today, birds are chirping optimistically in the trees.  Hay fever is bound to kick in soon, as the pollen permeates our house ... all around us the trees are in full bloom, pink, yellow, gold, white and here in Norfolk there are daffodils, literally, everywhere.

I'm thinking that it's time I found me a man. 


Monday, March 31, 2014

Artist wobblies

let's be honest, I can't hope to sell paintings if I'm not confident about my work and happy with what I've created.  That's rule number one, I suppose.
Second, unlike back in the fourteenth century, leaving paintings lying strategically around your dwelling is no way to market them to potential art afficiandos.  Likewise, having them on my own  walls in my own space/house, kinda defeats the object of selling work.  It's like the old adage about winking in the dark, you know you're doing it, nobody else does.

Finding 'A Gallery' (yes, one would be good) who would be prepared, neigh, deign to display my  work, is proving way harder than I ever imagined it would be. I actually had more positive feedback in South Africa than I'm getting from the wealth of 'contemporary' galleries here in Norfolk.  Starting to make me feel as though I'm really wasting my time.  Despite the countless 'experts' on the subject of pitching to galleries, who all say that there is a gallery for every artist, it's just a slog to wade through them all 'til you can find your perfect fit.  Again, let's be honest here, I've only approached a handful of galleries that I knew before I started would not be the right place to display my art and again, my submission to them was not professional and poorly conceived. I say this in hindsight, after doing a bit more 'learnin'' off YouTube - I didn't pitch correctly and that's why I got a negative response. At least, I got a response - many people don't even get that.   

I am completely ignorant of the 'game' of selling/marketing art.  And it is a game.  It's a hydra - the rules (and God, there are a lot of them!) are inhibitive, frustrating and complex. We all know that I'm a lazy fuck and I am a novice when it comes to entering art competitions or submitting work for  open exhibitions. I realised this very painfully just now whilst surfing the 'Net and looking at the amount of competitions etc. that are advertised on the Norfolk Artists' Forum for example.  I don't have the confidence to even try to send my work to these competitions.  Well I found ONE out of about fifteen that I've looked at today (not from the NAF) but unfortunately for me, entries have closed already.   Yeah, I've read up, I've studied, I've watched countless YouTube videos but at the end of the day, I am lacking one major piece of currency - confidence.  And maybe a sound plan. I feel lost and don't know where to start, like I should be back at school re-learning all this shit.

I guess until I take control of this mess and actually stop feeling like a victim, I'm not going to achieve much in the art world at all.  Despite the incredibly positive feedback that I'm getting from WordPress bloggers (many of whom are established photographers, poets, writers, painters, ceramic artists), I feel like I'm stumbling along in a fog, blind to the potential I have.   It's a horrible place to be in as an artist.  Makes me just want to hide away in my garret*, waist deep in paint and muck.

Oh well, there's always car boot sales ... 

*I wish I had a garret!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

New painting

A new abstract for end of March (also filed under the Lyrical Expressionism page, with a few more photos showing texture detail).

Autumn Texture

39" x 47" stretched canvas gallery wrap about 3" thick
Acrylic and mixed media.

World Wide Wubbish heap.

I've been a regular user of Google for many years  - I think from around 2000. When I first started using it, the search engine was relatively unknown (in South Africa at that time), most people would use Anansi.  Whenever I suggested Google, I was treated with a certain amount of awe. Remember, I was working in a media monitoring environment at that stage, having just come out of freelance journalism. Most of the information that I needed to get in a hurry, I would first try and get from Reuters and if it wasn't available there, then I'd get onto Google.

Website design and development was in its infancy during the early days of this century, many sites were very unsophisticated and extremely basic.  If a site was using Flash, for instance, it was presumed to be rather, er, cutting edge.  These days many corporate websites are architect designed mini-universes, crammed with tons of data, images, tags and of course, glitches.  This has created something of a monster.   The World Wide Web is now like a massive data-landfill, bursting at the seams with trash.   There are pockets of data floating about that should have been nuked, compressed, turned into compost many years ago but that data is still there, still running around clogging up the interweb.  There are millions of duplicate sites, spider sites, mirror sites et al.  Every person who 'designs' a website now (even bloggers, using this interface for example), are conscious of that magic, mythical term "Search Engine Optimisation".

In the 'old days' an internet search on Google brought up many hundreds of thousands of results but in general, the top ten would provide information that the user was looking for. Back then, SEO was a rude term that most people just ignored and couldn't be bothered with.  Now everybody is an SEO expert and that's NOT a good thing.   Anybody who does a quick online course in SEO, now thinks they know exactly where to put tags, what key words to use for each image, strings, links etc. to direct the most amount of traffic to their site.  There is Big Money in SEO - multi-million dollar corporations pay huge amounts of money to consultancies whose only function, is to optimise the web presence of these giant companies on the Interwebness.

A great many inexperienced web designers have lost sight of the fact that it's quality of visit you want, not quantity.  If people are constantly landing on a site and not getting the information they want, they will eventually completely ignore that site whenever they see it coming up on search results - even if it's one of the 'advertised/sponsored' sites on the right hand side (note, not left hand side) of the Google search results page.  People subconsciously block themselves from ever bothering to go onto a site again if they have been there two or three times in the past and it's been an unsatisfactory experience.   For example, I very rarely use any of the links to sites that are displayed on the right hand column of the Google home page, I treat all of them with suspicion and in most cases, rightly so.

Tracking visits to a website is no help at all, it doesn't in any way explain what the person was doing when they landed on your page.  You have no way of knowing (even if you have the referring URL) what their motive was, whether they were there by accident for example; or if they used specific search terms unique to them and their way of thinking (yes, you can see what search terms were used by a visitor to your site, that's not the point).  Statistics alone do not show a real picture of the traffic that comes to your site.  Some people are under the impression that seeing a hit on their stats from someone who is located in 'Mountainview California' means they have American friends!*

More and more I'm finding that the sites I visit from search criteria that I've carefully selected, do not have any content on their site that in any way relates to the initial search term.  This is an increasingly frustrating phenomenon and isn't going to get better, it's going to get much worse.  I have always considered myself to be rather good at gleaning information quickly and concisely from Google but as unscrupulous, uneducated or malevolent web designers continue to add more and more keywords to the lines of code on their websites, it will eventually implode upon itself and become totally impossible to decipher the garbage that comes up on your screen.  I predict that one day, you will put in a search term/phrase like "Hotels in Birmingham" and you will get a string of websites popping up in the search results that have absolutely nothing whatever to do with this topic at all.

At the moment, nobody is talking about an alternative to the Internet with any degree of meaningful narrative or thrust.  Google sure ain't going to rock the boat in leading the discussions because that would be like shooting themselves in the foot. But it's going to come and much sooner than it took us to get to where we are now. 

* In most cases, that's a Google spider crawling your data.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Stand up ...

Wtf?  This old duck changed her entire life when she was well into her sixties and became a successful stand up comedienne - at over 77!  Brilliant article this (for all us oldies, long in the tooth, geriatric types ... cough ... I'm not talking about me, dumbass).

Reading this kind of article does tend to put a smile on yer face though, hey?  Shows that people have the ability to change whatever they do in life, all it takes is a lot of bravery and belief in self.  In a lot of cases, you don't even have to have the skills, you learn as you go along. That's what life is about, learning, growing, finding new stuff to keep your brain cells whirring about.  It keeps you happy, builds your personality.    So what have I always wanted to do (you have to start with some point of reference, don't you?)

a famous painter, selling work on a regular basis  (started with that, had some success, working on it, always will be)
a well-known writer, with many books published, movie deals, the whole schmuckle.  (got so far with that, have been published, didn't get the movie deal, working on it, always will be)
a hairdresser (really.  At 16 that's what I wanted to do. But parents refused to allow me to train because they believed I'd get bad eczema)
an astronomer (Shut up. You read right. Yes, I was insanely passionate about this as a career and started a course way back in 1970 but the Maths side of my brain let me down.)
Concert pianist (yep, I was well on my way, winning competitions, playing all over the show. Until my father sold our piano for new false teeth, we emigrated to South Africa and at 18 I trapped my left hand in a car door whilst out jolling with my friends.  Still I looked at doing a course to get me up to speed, so I could teach - but that was in South Africa.  I have started teaching my grand-daughter and she actually learnt stuff.  Hey! maybe that's what I should look at then.  Hmmm ... nah maybe not, too much of a schlep.
Yeah but none of these are really out of the box hey? nothing mind-blowingly crazy there. 

She's .... wait for it ...

Yep, our Kate sold out all 22 shows in under 15 minutes when booking opened at 0930 this morning - thanks ever so much Eventim for letting me know that the gates were open.  Yes, I'm being sarcastic. No fucking point at all putting an 'alarm' on that site, cos you don't get told diddly squat In Advance, when you need it.  Oh well, I'll just have to wait for the Before the Dawn DVD.  Sick thing is, half the people who will be going to see Mrs. Bush's show, wouldn't have been born when she hit her peak. 

And in other news.
Well I have paid a 'holding' deposit to the rental agents on a property that we saw last week on RightMove - the only one, in fact, that is big enough for us in this area.   Filled in a form, paid the money and now I'm told that we will be getting emails to complete relating to the 'referencing process' whatever the fuck that means.  I'm nervous, to be honest.  I will try to remain positive, because that's what the Tarot told me at 01.11 am this morning ... yes, I couldn't sleep so naturally took out the cards (as you do).  I am thinking that it's time I shook shit up hereabouts with my, er, career (or lack of it) and started to think in a completely different, new direction. To boldly go ... etcetera and so forth.    There's hope. There's always hope.

It's Friday, get off your arses and have yourselves a grand weekend.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I was off my face ... and other true-isms ... all in the name of creativity. A bit of a personal note to Damon Albarn.

There may have been one or two things he's done that were good (Blur wasn't a bad band at all, hey?) but for the most part, as he's gone off on his tangents, it's all been one long whining boring recital and drudgery of miserable toons.  And this from a person (me) who thought this   ...

was the best song ever made.  (I'm entitled to change opinions as I get older and wiser ... har har)

Anyway Damon Albarn is off again, making controversial statements to garner publicity for his latest mediocre release and I'm fed up with all this shite.  Being productive, cos you're a heroin junkie and BECAUSE you're a heroin junkie is the most fucking ridiculous thing I've ever read in my life. Productivity does not equate to quality, dumbass.  Listen to half of Al Jourgensen's spin off industrial bands for testament to that fact.

The fact that you were off your face shooting it up all the time, thinking you were making wonderfully brilliant music is the same thing as a slob going into a pub, drinking two gallons' worth of beer and launching into song.  You might think you're singing is great, the rest of the world just know you're drunk as a skunk. Sober up. Get a grip. Take a long hard look at the 'productive' SHITE you produced when you were on your heroin hiatus, Damian and stop making publicity stunt marketing mileage out of it, pathetic.  I expected better of you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bits and bobs

When I feel a bit better (hopefully tomorrow), I'm going to try and take a walk out and grab some shots of the spring blossoms.  The trees are all decked out in their summer dresses - pink, white, yellow ... and there are daffodils everywhere.

The garage encounter for the MOT on my car wasn't painful at all - only 69 pounds and they fixed the driver's side mirror that had been smashed by a 'hit and run' driver last year. So all in all I was well chuffed with that. So the car is now legal and licensed for road use for another year.  Don't have anything to do to it either  - other than top up the oil and water from time to time. Grand little car this old Vauxhall of mine and who'd a thunk it?  I've never been much of a fan of Opel (same as Vauxhall in South Africa) but I'm starting to think differently about these cars.

The throat bug that has almost flattened our family, which I thought was the result of my tooth infection, is still not out of my system and I talk like I've got a mouth full of golf balls.  All the females in our household have it at the moment - although lady of the house bravely went to work yesterday and today, she seems to be getting better.

We are going to see a house on Wednesday evening, hopefully it's going to be okay for our brood. It's a bigger house and slightly more a month but worth it for the extra space. Also these specific landlords want long-term lessees, so that will suit us better.