Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Having a bit of a fight with 'Jupiter'

I had a few arguments with this one whilst it was setting and drying.  I'm still not happy with it.  Mind you, I did go at it like a kid in a candy store, to be honest , so it's my own fault.

The initial stages - i.e. melting the plastic into interesting shapes was the most fun and I should have walked away for a few days after doing the plastic, maybe done a heap more.   My previous technique with the plastic, was to paint each piece separately using a toothpick - which is (to say the obvious) very time consuming and also extremely messy.   So I went for the short-cut, the 'quick' way out and glued the pieces onto the primed canvas in their clear state.   I decided that it would be fun and possibly much more effective to just drizzle the paint onto the plastic, once it had set onto the canvas.  I had previously painted the canvas in aquamarine tones, iridescent pearl and gold, this canvas also had a lot of old texture on it from caulk.   It went wrong, basically from the outset.  I should not have done the drizzle (pouring) thing onto the plastic with the Pebeo paint, it just didn't give the right results and wasted a lot of paint.  It's much more effective (even though it takes a lot of time) to paint each piece of plastic separately.

It continued to go south from there.  I got extremely carried away just pouring the Pebeo onto the canvas - ending in a very chaotic mish-mash.   Chucking copious amounts of student grade white acrylic onto it, didn't help things much either.   You can see where the white paint has moved as it dried on top of the Pebeo paint - that's a cool effect but I won't be using that crap acrylic paint again, what rubbish!   I didn't like it at all by this time.  So waited for it to dry, which took two days.

Then I introduced the amethyst and violet Pebeo colours ... I ran out of the intense golden Pebeo colour (par for the course), so substituted that with Pebeo antique gold and I don't think it works at all.  It's not vibrant enough and doesn't pull any of the bits together into a cohesive mass - so it is driving me NUTS!   Anyway, it will have to do for now. Pebeo is very expensive paint and I can't buy anymore for at least another six months.  I may attack this again, when I've sourced more deep gold Pebeo paint.  Otherwise this will just serve as a 'what not to do' tester.  

I am enjoying the technique that I've developed and which is completely my own ... wonders.   But next time, I need to be a bit more focused and plan it properly.   I have a six foot by four foot canvas in the garage that has been nagging me to finish it for a long time - every time I walk past to switch on the light, it moans about how lonely it is stuck in the dark.  I think it's only fair that I take a bit of time and do something extremely dramatic with it.

Anyhoo, enough blabbering.  This is the Jupiter thing as it is so far. (As always click on photie to see larger version).  This is approximately 36inches long by about 18inches wide - on stretched canvas.   

Spot the Red Spot
Close ups  (I only affixed/collaged the plastic pieces at the edge of this canvas)

 I like the way the white student acrylic has spackled on top of the pebeo and other paint. But it is really rubbish paint, I put a layer about half an inch thick on the top left hand section of the canvas and when it dried, there was no white there at all!  It just evaporates to nothing and has absolutely no pigment.   Again, another lesson - don't buy cheap shitty paint!
 The antique gold that's splashed across this section has made lovely effects but it's the wrong shade and should have been a buttery gold - like the other Pebeo - then it would have looked the way I wanted it to and pulled the foreground collage and background colours together.


  1. They are very creative and it looks like you were smoking a copious amount of dope doing this....hehehehe. I like them. Its got a very 60's retro feel to them.

  2. It's not a 'them' it's an IT. But that's fine ... you're excused.