Friday, January 31, 2014

Off the side of my head ... Friday rant ... connect the goddam dots.

It is amazing really how many completely talentless people there are in the world* who have become multi-millionaires and achieved enormous public acclaim and success - all because they either look good, are very young (or not so young), behave atrociously in public,  know the right people to shove them up the social ladder, or just happen to be in the right place.    

For the rest of us poor buggers, it's just one hard long slog hey?  No easy breaks here. No instant wins, fame and fortune, just plain old hard work over and over again banging your head against a brick wall.  It's quite sad when you look around and take in what passes for talent these days on the telly or elsewhere.  The media glorify people who have very little going for them other than a desire to act as if they want to fuck everything that moves**   Shows like the X-factor, The Voice etc. etc. ad nauseum push mediocrity down our throats with brute force.  

Award shows like the Grammys, Oscars and all the rest, pander to the safe side and don't stretch themselves or try and promote people who are doing unusual things with their skills.    Very few movies being released these days have any artistic merit or say anything unusual or interesting.  The fashion in Hollywood over the past fifteen years really has been to rehash what's already been, not to challenge the status quo.  Keep it safe, dumb it down, don't try and ask anything of your viewer.  Why?   

Yes, there ARE very good examples of movies that have stretched the limits and gone to other places with their ideas but they are few and very far between.  And let's be honest, they are usually very long movies with ponderously involved scripts and idiosyncratic performances from the actors/actresses.    The only movie I saw recently that rightly has received Hollywood acclaim was The Life of Pi ... not because of the CGI but purely for the lyrical spirit of the film and its underlying spiritual messages.   It was something different in a muckbed of same-old same-old re-runs and 'franchises'.  

I read a movie critic a few weeks ago who said that we need a World War to shake up the movie industry, the music business and television broadcasting ... he said that in times of global warfare, the Arts excel and a kind of supernova swell of talent comes to the fore.  I think his idea is a bit extreme but something is really rotten with the entertainment industry and many people feel the same way. 

I'm going to start keeping notes of examples where I've noticed the 'dumbing down' syndrome in movies, music, radio/tv shows and news reporting - for future rants, of course.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

*Oh yes I can quantify that.   For starters,  we have the media whore that is Kim Kardashian as well as her entire family (with the exception of her dad maybe).   Then there are all Big Brother 'reality' stars the world over.  While we're on the topic, you can pretty much bundle ALL 'reality' tv star wannabees together into one big shed and nuke them all.   From the over-spraytanned loose slappers on the only way is essex and programmes of that ilk, to everyone on  my big fat gypsy wedding.  You don't need any special talents to be on these kinds of shows, unless crass behaviour, lack of respect for your fellow human beings, serial narcissism and rampant libido are qualifications to be proud of. 

** You know who I'm talking about, Miley Cyrus.

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