Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Start off as you mean to carry on, is what I always say ...

Come on, seriously, he's still the most beautiful man in the world.

I remember the first life sized poster I bought for my daughter (cough - well really for me but what the heck) was a black and white image of him in black leather pants and bugger all else, he was about 18. 

Keanu ... sadly with shirt on

You search Google Images for Keanu Reeves and there ain't no bad photos of him, even with all the facial hair, he's still one of the most desirable men in the world.  There is an aura of tragic peace about him (is that even possible).  He don't need no Japanese martial arts to prove it to me, he's the epitome of Zen.

You're not going to eat that toast are you? 

Watched an interview with him off YouTube that was done just before Christmas with Dan Patrick - US Sports Show host/presenter  and Keanu was visibly relaxed being in the 'man cave' with these chaps. He came out of himself for a few minutes and was ... erm, you know, like a normal bloke, not some Hollywood God.  He is naturally funny and very often self-effacing - something that isn't always apparent when he's being interviewed by the Hollywood machine.  He handles compliments with typical old school Hollywood grace and a kind of casual elegance.  I also found out recently that he collects .... not motor-bikes ... but er, type-writers.

My horrorspoke for this year reckons I'm going to meet the man of my dreams in March (after we get back from SA) - maybe I bump into him at the airport??? No, not Keanu Reeves silly, even my dreams have their limitations and anyway, I'm not that ditsy in the head, like I would actually BUMP into The Adonis, I'd be mortified. I would just stand there with my mouth open, drool running down my blouse and try to make eye contact, I mean he is only a few years younger than me (... splutters into a hysterical coughing fit)
Okay, enough perving for one day, on with your work.

Ooooh  pwitty, yum yum.

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  1. Oh MY GIDDY heart.......ooooo now thats a nice portrait of Reeves....mmmmm yum........Oh goodness. Im ganna have nice dreams tonight. Thanks mom. He is just insanely gorgeous.............Oh my giddy heart.