Friday, February 7, 2014

Off the side of my head - last Friday rant for a couple of weeks (maybe)

Russell Brand - Russell Brand Wants Help For Justin Bieber After Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death

Jumping on the bandwagon
With reference to the above article (you need to read it first, sorry) - I have to posit the unthinkable and say why do drug addicts and alcoholics insist that they are suffering from a 'disease'.   They didn't have this problem when they were children.  Addictions are not diseases; they are life choices gone wrong. And further more ...

You don't pick up alcoholism or drug addiction from unsanitary water, or close contact with other human beings. Alcoholism and drug addiction are not filtered into your life via polluted air, bad eating habits, genetic disorders.   Maybe people who are alcoholics and drug addicts (no, I will not say 'sufferers' either, because that's another politically incorrect euphemism) have become that way (shock, horror!) through their own choices.  Could it be that maybe they need to start taking ownership of their 'problems' and stop bothering the rest of us, who are trying to get through this life WITHOUT resorting to substance abuse.   Maybe the media should start doing massive PR driven stories about people who are actually surviving in Urban Twenty-First Century Life completely drug/alcohol free! What an amazing achievement? How did they do it?!  

Someone like Justin Beiber does not need HELP, he needs a good clap to the side of his head, followed by a stiff dose of cold turkey.  That goes for all other privileged, spoilt-brat, super-wealthy people who choose to off themselves or dangerously mess about with drugs or alcohol.   They should send JB to the army - maybe a couple of years in Syria, Afghanistan - (insert current fucked up country here) - might bring his drug 'problem' into perspective. 

Russel Brand's shares, in my book, have just plummeted a few hundred basis points. He should know better than to pander to this Hollywood bollox.

up the revolution. 
Pass me that spliff.

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