Friday, February 28, 2014

Off the side of my head

Feeling surprisingly mellow today.   I had a lot of ideas on my mind yesterday that I considered worthy of a good internet Rant but they seem to have slunk off into a dark corner somewhere.  Last night I lay in bed with my lickle Asus watching YouTube and  British comedians taking the piss out of religion ... I ended up having nightmares.  First I was trying to get across a very wide river that had burst its banks, holding onto the grandkids; only to feel one of them slipping away into the water and I couldn't swim fast enough to catch onto the disappearing hand.   Woke up almost crying.  Then I went back to sleep, eventually, and ended up dreaming that my eldest son was being gang-raped by a bunch of children from Ewan's school ... huh?   Jesus!   No really, Jesus ... I'm so sorry I won't watch anything about atheism again, promise.  

It's overcast today, chance of meatballs, although I just had curly fries and a 'southern fried chicken drumstick' from the Co-Op and I think it's given me heartburn and am sure it was cooked round about 13BC.  

It's the weekend!
Be nice to each other. 

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