Thursday, March 20, 2014

All change ...

Well our tenancy here at Spider's Web is coming to an end - 31st May is the end date of our lease. So sadly (and rather stressfully at the moment) we are looking to find pastures new for rent.  Our landlords want to sell this house.

Of course, we have to find something in our immediate area, as we are not in any way keen on the idea of moving kiddies to new schools, so that does tend to narrow down the searching parameters. Unlike when we were looking for a place to rent in the UK back in the third quarter of 2012 from the South African side, then I had free range to source accommodation basically anywhere we pleased. 

The positive thing (I hope), is that we won't be required to put down 6 month's rent up front. Negative thing is that man of the house doesn't have a new job yet and this could impact on our ability to qualify to rent any places that we find between now and end of May. 

We've found a place just round the corner from us - very large, almost brand new house, investment property, owners want long-term tenants ... we're hoping to go and see it tomorrow at 12noon. It's more expensive than the place we're in now.  So we have to cross fingers, if it's suitable, that they'll let us lease it. Otherwise, we're going to have to get a camper and park up the road in a field, traveller style. (Note to self: don't joke about these things).

I have made an appointment to take my car for its MOT tomorrow -not looking forward to that - mainly because I have 100% rip off experience history whenever the word 'garage' features in my life.  I spent an hour or so in the blustering gale force wind outside our house cleaning the floors and upholstery, the interior resembled a bio-hazard.  Lady of the house is also sicky-poo today (same throat thing I had at the beginning of this week), so she's taken the day off work. 

It could be worse ...

just to put things into perspective

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