Thursday, March 13, 2014

Analyse this ...

So our little man has got a very mild case of chicken pox ... he'll be going back to school on Monday.  Considering he's only four a half he's been very good this week - manages to keep himself amused for most of the day (sound effects and all).

Having the 'man of the house' home full day at the moment, while he looks for another job, can be a bit ... er, what's the word? cramp-inducing.   I have had such a strong yen to paint all of this week, I don't think I'm going to be able to resist the urge for much longer but it's really difficult painting when you know there is another person wandering around. I'm used to creating when there's nobody else about but me in the space, kind of my private little bit of idaho happening. I know MOTH will not encroach on my space and keep the F away but it's just the idea that there is someone else there - kind of makes one feel guilty, I suppose.

The enigma that is Thom Yorke

Watched another video last night on YouTube, from 2006 Mercury Prize awards ceremony of Thom Yorke doing "Analyse". I hadn't seen this before, so of course I have to put it on here now, don't I?  And speaking of analysing stuff, why does this man affect me so much?  It's not like he's drop dead gorgeous.  He's got a wonky eye, as we all know, that can sometimes make him look positively creepy. It's not his looks and it is his looks. It's his voice but then I'm not into whining voices and let's be honest, he does have a whining voice.  Yes, he's a brilliant musician. He plays the piano way better than most other contemporary musos but even though the music is technically different to most other pop/alternative/rock stuff and has interesting chord structures, it's NOT difficult music. It's still pretty easy, technically, to play - witness his hands that barely move from the middle register of the keyboard. No, that's not it.  It's a combination of a whole ton of stuff like:

  • Humility (he plays on an upright in this performance, he does that a lot - not a pretentious baby-grand in sight)
  • He doesn't stand around waiting for all the applause before or after performing. He just gets down to the business of making the sound. That's all he's concerned with, which can be ascribed to lack of ego or God complex - depending on your perspective. 
  • Juxtaposed with points one and two we have a complete paradox - he takes a moment to scan the audience, cool as fuck, just the whisper of a smile coaxes the side of his mouth. Has he decided to tease everyone?  Does he enjoy drawing it all out?  Does he feel sorry for all us plebs? 
  • This song is full and wide and grandiose. Even though it's only fragile little him, his scratchy, couldn't-care-less-but-I-get-the-notes-when-it-matters raw tones and the piano.  Something completely magic happens in this song, it goes places. Thom is vulnerable but supremely powerful, at the same time. You wonder if he'll get through it properly at the beginning, your heart goes into your mouth, it seems a bit faltering but then it gathers up its skirts and thunders along. It doesn't stand still. But it is, after all, just a pop song, with a beginning, a chorus and a bridge ... rinse and repeat.
I'll just have to say that he's a magician at what he does, I guess.  I love him to death.

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