Monday, March 31, 2014

Artist wobblies

let's be honest, I can't hope to sell paintings if I'm not confident about my work and happy with what I've created.  That's rule number one, I suppose.
Second, unlike back in the fourteenth century, leaving paintings lying strategically around your dwelling is no way to market them to potential art afficiandos.  Likewise, having them on my own  walls in my own space/house, kinda defeats the object of selling work.  It's like the old adage about winking in the dark, you know you're doing it, nobody else does.

Finding 'A Gallery' (yes, one would be good) who would be prepared, neigh, deign to display my  work, is proving way harder than I ever imagined it would be. I actually had more positive feedback in South Africa than I'm getting from the wealth of 'contemporary' galleries here in Norfolk.  Starting to make me feel as though I'm really wasting my time.  Despite the countless 'experts' on the subject of pitching to galleries, who all say that there is a gallery for every artist, it's just a slog to wade through them all 'til you can find your perfect fit.  Again, let's be honest here, I've only approached a handful of galleries that I knew before I started would not be the right place to display my art and again, my submission to them was not professional and poorly conceived. I say this in hindsight, after doing a bit more 'learnin'' off YouTube - I didn't pitch correctly and that's why I got a negative response. At least, I got a response - many people don't even get that.   

I am completely ignorant of the 'game' of selling/marketing art.  And it is a game.  It's a hydra - the rules (and God, there are a lot of them!) are inhibitive, frustrating and complex. We all know that I'm a lazy fuck and I am a novice when it comes to entering art competitions or submitting work for  open exhibitions. I realised this very painfully just now whilst surfing the 'Net and looking at the amount of competitions etc. that are advertised on the Norfolk Artists' Forum for example.  I don't have the confidence to even try to send my work to these competitions.  Well I found ONE out of about fifteen that I've looked at today (not from the NAF) but unfortunately for me, entries have closed already.   Yeah, I've read up, I've studied, I've watched countless YouTube videos but at the end of the day, I am lacking one major piece of currency - confidence.  And maybe a sound plan. I feel lost and don't know where to start, like I should be back at school re-learning all this shit.

I guess until I take control of this mess and actually stop feeling like a victim, I'm not going to achieve much in the art world at all.  Despite the incredibly positive feedback that I'm getting from WordPress bloggers (many of whom are established photographers, poets, writers, painters, ceramic artists), I feel like I'm stumbling along in a fog, blind to the potential I have.   It's a horrible place to be in as an artist.  Makes me just want to hide away in my garret*, waist deep in paint and muck.

Oh well, there's always car boot sales ... 

*I wish I had a garret!


  1. Dearest little Orange Carrot.......your starting to sound a bit like a Van Gough impersonation here.........Please dont drink any do however realise there's always the option of merely getting in your car with your canvases in the boot and back seat and parking off on the side of the road against a tree with your art displayed to traffic driving past.....HELLwhy not?....they do it here in Africa so why not start a new trend and take it to a new level in Norfolk...........You can take the African out the bush Carrot but the British ways aint ganna limit the bushman ways out the African.............Just do it!!!! Nike style!!!!!!!

  2. Big difference here ... they have by-laws that people actually abide by. I would be locked up pretty damn quick if I tried that stunt in Norfolk. Or accused of being a Gypsy, Traveller ... Nope, I'm trying to get representation the right way (through a gallery) and if it works, then great. I am also going to try and sell some stuff this weekend at a car boot sale.

  3. Oh, Okay, best I wont fit in if I ever came there then? Maybe I should stay in Africa.......Il break every rule in the book the first week been there just been an African by birth. lol. Best I always check ideas with you first hay before I do anything extreme. lol