Thursday, March 27, 2014

I was off my face ... and other true-isms ... all in the name of creativity. A bit of a personal note to Damon Albarn.

There may have been one or two things he's done that were good (Blur wasn't a bad band at all, hey?) but for the most part, as he's gone off on his tangents, it's all been one long whining boring recital and drudgery of miserable toons.  And this from a person (me) who thought this   ...

was the best song ever made.  (I'm entitled to change opinions as I get older and wiser ... har har)

Anyway Damon Albarn is off again, making controversial statements to garner publicity for his latest mediocre release and I'm fed up with all this shite.  Being productive, cos you're a heroin junkie and BECAUSE you're a heroin junkie is the most fucking ridiculous thing I've ever read in my life. Productivity does not equate to quality, dumbass.  Listen to half of Al Jourgensen's spin off industrial bands for testament to that fact.

The fact that you were off your face shooting it up all the time, thinking you were making wonderfully brilliant music is the same thing as a slob going into a pub, drinking two gallons' worth of beer and launching into song.  You might think you're singing is great, the rest of the world just know you're drunk as a skunk. Sober up. Get a grip. Take a long hard look at the 'productive' SHITE you produced when you were on your heroin hiatus, Damian and stop making publicity stunt marketing mileage out of it, pathetic.  I expected better of you.

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