Friday, March 14, 2014

Off the side of my head - Friday rant, yes really, kinda.

So we settled down to watch a recorded Jonathan Ross Show last night, which featured the ever brilliant (although she must resist the urge to smile at her own quips) Sue Perkins.   Half way into the conversation, the topic cropped up (as it is want to do these days with regular abandon) about her 'coming out', which must have happened quite a long time ago.  I'm sorry but I'm just bloody fed up with all this shite.  Why is it necessary to highlight a person's sexual persuasion and turn it into a reason for a conversation on national TV?  Why is it even necessary to bring up the topic at all!?  You don't see talk show hosts asking obviously 'straight' people when they decided to stay straight and what impact it's had on their lives, their parents.

Why are gay people being openly singled out and kind of put on a pedestal?  And it's normal and politically correct to do that?  I don't understand.*  I wish they'd stop. It makes me nauseous.  There is no merit at all in bringing the subject up.  Being gay doesn't affect your mental ability. It is purely and completely all to do with the fact that you prefer to have sex with people who have the same genital bits as you do.  That's it. So for god's sake can we please just stop drawing attention to it, like Gay people have got more rights than heterosexual people, or their sexual business is more important than a straight persons'. It isn't. It's not important. Stop doing it. Please. 

*NO, I'm not homophobic you blithering idiot, connect the goddam dots.

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