Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Open wide ... here I come.

I have been laying low for the past couple of days, due to a massive infection I got underneath one of my top teeth (which was eventually yanked out by a lovely German dentist who was fascinated by my South African accent*).  "Where did you live in South Africa?"  She asks, right at the point where she shoves a group of needles into my gum.   "Bjbhloaahshlaaassssblurphffssshh" I squeak.  She nods, sagely. "Ah yes, Johannesburg. I lived in Hillbrow for a while." 

I've always had a soft spot for dentists.  They are one of the few medical professionals who you can go to with an excrutiatingly bad pain and seconds later, it's gone!  Either drilled out or pulled, depends who you go and see.  I've had a few very, very good dentists in my time. My favourite was Doctor Tobiansky in Benoni (back in South Africa) who always kept my teeth in perfect working order, he didn't like to yank teeth out.   Then there were the brothers in Welkom who sorted out my skew teeth and put in wonderful (but, erm, pricey)  caps that are still going strong today, I saw them on the x-ray I had this week.

Unfortunately, during my dental wanderings, I suffered from a dry cavity in my lower jaw.  Believe me that is worse pain than giving birth to a child.  It drills its way into your ears, your brain, your neck, ears, throat. You can't think straight. Every time you take a step, the pain reverberates around your head like a mad demon.  I suffered the dry cavity one whole day and thought I would end up in a mental institution or dead.  I was booked into emergency surgery at a brand spanking new hospital in Benoni (different dentist to Tobiansky) and the offending cavity was cleaned out and fixed.  The anaesthetic was marvellous, I was tripping for a few days on pain killer bombs they gave me, it was worth every injection.  Left the hospital with absolutely no pain, no side effects (other than the psycho hallucinations and yummy mushy feeling of the anaesthetic). I seriously dig dentists.


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