Friday, March 28, 2014

She's .... wait for it ...

Yep, our Kate sold out all 22 shows in under 15 minutes when booking opened at 0930 this morning - thanks ever so much Eventim for letting me know that the gates were open.  Yes, I'm being sarcastic. No fucking point at all putting an 'alarm' on that site, cos you don't get told diddly squat In Advance, when you need it.  Oh well, I'll just have to wait for the Before the Dawn DVD.  Sick thing is, half the people who will be going to see Mrs. Bush's show, wouldn't have been born when she hit her peak. 

And in other news.
Well I have paid a 'holding' deposit to the rental agents on a property that we saw last week on RightMove - the only one, in fact, that is big enough for us in this area.   Filled in a form, paid the money and now I'm told that we will be getting emails to complete relating to the 'referencing process' whatever the fuck that means.  I'm nervous, to be honest.  I will try to remain positive, because that's what the Tarot told me at 01.11 am this morning ... yes, I couldn't sleep so naturally took out the cards (as you do).  I am thinking that it's time I shook shit up hereabouts with my, er, career (or lack of it) and started to think in a completely different, new direction. To boldly go ... etcetera and so forth.    There's hope. There's always hope.

It's Friday, get off your arses and have yourselves a grand weekend.

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