Friday, March 28, 2014

Stand up ...

Wtf?  This old duck changed her entire life when she was well into her sixties and became a successful stand up comedienne - at over 77!  Brilliant article this (for all us oldies, long in the tooth, geriatric types ... cough ... I'm not talking about me, dumbass).

Reading this kind of article does tend to put a smile on yer face though, hey?  Shows that people have the ability to change whatever they do in life, all it takes is a lot of bravery and belief in self.  In a lot of cases, you don't even have to have the skills, you learn as you go along. That's what life is about, learning, growing, finding new stuff to keep your brain cells whirring about.  It keeps you happy, builds your personality.    So what have I always wanted to do (you have to start with some point of reference, don't you?)

a famous painter, selling work on a regular basis  (started with that, had some success, working on it, always will be)
a well-known writer, with many books published, movie deals, the whole schmuckle.  (got so far with that, have been published, didn't get the movie deal, working on it, always will be)
a hairdresser (really.  At 16 that's what I wanted to do. But parents refused to allow me to train because they believed I'd get bad eczema)
an astronomer (Shut up. You read right. Yes, I was insanely passionate about this as a career and started a course way back in 1970 but the Maths side of my brain let me down.)
Concert pianist (yep, I was well on my way, winning competitions, playing all over the show. Until my father sold our piano for new false teeth, we emigrated to South Africa and at 18 I trapped my left hand in a car door whilst out jolling with my friends.  Still I looked at doing a course to get me up to speed, so I could teach - but that was in South Africa.  I have started teaching my grand-daughter and she actually learnt stuff.  Hey! maybe that's what I should look at then.  Hmmm ... nah maybe not, too much of a schlep.
Yeah but none of these are really out of the box hey? nothing mind-blowingly crazy there. 

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