Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wordpress versus Blogger

I've often dissed WP on this blog of mine.  Maybe it's because Blogger was the first blogging platform that I ever used and there is a degree of bias and favouritism towards this platform, as I've always found it to be the easiest to manipulate and use. It's very user friendly and that, maybe, is one of the reasons why it's not gaining as much ground as it used to.  It's no longer the cool kid on the block, due I suppose to its ease of operation - just about anyone can start a blog using this interface and that's not necessarily a good thing.  The proliferation of family blogs is now riddling Blogger and a lot of the 'content' is really inane drivel that should not be aimed at the mass market. Most blogs should delist from public search engines and keep themselves private, or unlisted. (No, not mine, don't be bloody stupid! mine's brilliant .... I have been told ... er cough).   My other blog is only viewable to family and close friends, it is not publicly listed, you can't search it and that's the way we will keep it for as long as there are images and information about our children thereupon.

Now about WordPress.  It's clunky as all hell.  No-one just sommer gets cracking on WP without doing a lot of tutorials. Things that should be 'there' are hidden away under 'here'.  Stuff that should be easy as pie to configure take a Degree in Systems Analytics to figure out.  Well, that's how I've always perceived it.     This week, I had a long hard look at one of my old (but existant) WP blogs that I only ever used for moaning on about family and life, that I didn't want family and life to read because they'd all get pissed off and disown me.  It was god awful and miserable as fuck.  So I got hold of all the posts and shoved them into the virtual trash-can.  Then I chose a very simplistic, minimalist (read White) theme and made one post ...

New Artwork for First quarter 2014

For Hayzel
Abstract #4
Large Acrylic Abstract
Large Acrylic Abstract – Lyrical Expressionism style.

That's it.

In the space of fifteen minutes after publishing this really un-content worthy post, I had three people (all in the Art community) LIKE the post and the blog.  I've had another two people LIKE the post today.  I'm a bit flummoxed and very surprised.  This has NEVER happened on Blogger - no matter what tags, labels, description, SEO shite I used.  So what to do?  I'm thinking that I need to capitalise on all this LIKE-y stuff and build up some kind of readership, maybe this may lead to sales of my work.  Any ideas, you worthy WordPressers?

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