Sunday, April 20, 2014

Biding my time over there on Wordpress

I have been posting pictures of my art to a Wordpress blog since March and the response that I have received has, frankly, knocked me out.  I am beyond amazed at the calibre of creative people (artists, writers, sculptors, photographers) who are 'liking' my work and 'following' my blog.  Some of these artists have established careers and are internationally known with huge portfolios of work.  It has been gratifying for me to get this level of feedback from my peers and has encouraged me enormously.  I am beginning to understand that I do have something to give, as an artist, and that my work does  have artistic merit, so this has been a very positive time for me.   I have never received this kind of response from the posts that I've done here on Blogger.

In addition to the work that I've posted on this blog, I have added the following pieces to my Wordpress site:

Memories of Africa - this was an original painting that I reworked

Windy day at Caister-on-Sea  - Mixed Media Collage using silk material for texture, acrylic and effect paints

Kelp2  - texture using caulk, acrylic paint on stretched canvas

Norfolk Rapeseed - study for larger work - caulk, acrylic paints

Untitled Mixed Media  - substrate is a previous old painting, covered in newspaper cuttings, glue, acrylic paint, irridescent paints, metallic paints

I may not continue posting here, as I am now concentrating most of my effort on getting representation with a gallery - I've been told to concentrate on the London area, rather than mess about with Norfolk galleries. So we'll see how I get on with that.

The biggest dilemma I have at the moment, is working out the value of a piece.  This is a very hard problem for me, as I automatically denigrate my stuff, so putting a positive value on it is not something that I have any clue how to do!   I was considering asking people to comment / complete a poll on my Wordpress blog but this might look very unprofessional.  

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