Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hope springs eternal

Why, whenever we read stuff about American politics, do commentators only mention the Republicans and the Democrats?  I didn't even know that there's a party called the Libertarians - which is the third largest in the US, according to that stronghold of wisdom and public knowledge, Wikipedia. You never hear anything about these people, why not?

It's a beautiful day here today, birds are chirping optimistically in the trees.  Hay fever is bound to kick in soon, as the pollen permeates our house ... all around us the trees are in full bloom, pink, yellow, gold, white and here in Norfolk there are daffodils, literally, everywhere.

I'm thinking that it's time I found me a man. 


1 comment:

  1. From American Politicians - To Flowers - To wanting a man? hmmmmm........Okay....Your carrot needs to be re-rooted Carrot? hahahahaha. Why do you even care about this party in America...Your a Brit dumbass.....lol....who gives a shit about the Yanks and their politics. No body votes the DA.....so why even question the Topic. hehehe.....however I do like old Obama.... and I think he is cool. :)