Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lost and Found

I'm Italian. I like Art. I work for Fiat. One day in 1975, I go to a lost-property auction and see these two paintings:

Sorry about the small images, best I could grab off Google at the moment.

I buy them for 45,000 Italian lire (23 euros; £19).   Several decades later, my son comes to visit, he's got a book on Art.   He's flipping through the pages and comes across a spread on Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin.   'Hey dad, this dude's paintings look almost the same as the ones you've got on the kitchen wall..."

 A.      If you are even slightly interested in Art, how could you NOT see that these paintings were by a world-famous  artist?
B.      They were on your kitchen wall, moved from one house to another and nobody who saw them bothered to check what they were and by whom?
C.      These paintings do not belong in Italy, they should be sent back to France. 
C.      Paul Gauguin, in my humble opinion, is the most influential painter of his time and the guiding light urging me on, the reason I keep trying to paint.  I cried when I saw this article (link at the top of this post).  Well not real tears, but I did get all choked up.   I would KILL people to have a Gauguin on my kitchen wall.


  1. what an interesting awsome post Carrot........The paintings were bought for 19 pounds but what would they be worth today in 2014 just hanging on the dudes wall? What a cool post........