Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Advice for writers

1.   Make a promise to yourself, an oath, something like that.  A pact even.  Agree with your bad self that you ARE going to write every day and choose a time.
2.   Set it up, so you can just get to it, without procrastinating about where to put the laptop, or where your notes are.  Get it all right.  Make yourself some coffee, sit down.
3.   Write.

It's really that simple.
I've done the first Chapter. 
And I didn't need a quiet environment in a sealed off chamber at the bottom of the garden, away from civilisation either.   My grandson is home sick today, he's playing in the lounge and making noise.  I just got stuck in and voila after an hour I have 1,500 words.


Now tomorrow I'm doing another Chapter and so it goes.  I know I can now.

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