Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Diving in ...

I am so impatient and that's the problem, anyway I've gone and done it. I've submitted my book proposal, with a sample chapter.  I did a lot of editing on it and I know it's still not right (will it ever be?) ... anyway, now it's out there getting rejected.    Oh well, gotta try somewhere.

One thing it's done though is free me up to start concentrating on other ideas that I have for, erm, real story stuff.  I have a lot of ideas, so hope I can come up with a bit of 'creative' writing in coming weeks.   I've moved my bedroom around and devoted a corner of it to my new 'office' ... slash .... 'book writing node' ... which was the advice of one Stephen King (can't argue with him now, can you?)  I'm pleased, I see something happening, the energies are buzzing about, summats afoot.

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