Monday, June 8, 2015

Jawellnofine and other musings

Hey summer's here ... well we had one whole day of it yesterday, amazing.  It started off wonderful this morning but the Norfolk wind has blown in, bringing tons of clouds with it and the temp has dropped noticeably.

Here's a couple of new paintings that I've done this past week or so.  Very heavy texture, using lots of different materials - some oils, nail varnish ... you know whatever was lying around.
This one's called "Driftwood" 


The one below is teensy weensy but I likes it - it sparkles (mainly cos I chucked some glitter into the 'trees' when they were drying)

 Our little garden is now giving forth of the blooms ...

 Driving into Diss (a small town just up the road from us), you will see a mass of poppies on the right hand side of the road, going on for about a mile ... it's really pretty but difficult to photo because there's nowhere to stop. Take my word for it, it looks like this:

Google sourced image

We went out to an Open Farm this past weekend (along with a couple of thousand other folks from South Norfolk).   It were right fun (as they would say here in Norfolk).     Here are two photos taken within a couple of seconds of each other of the view up the field away from where we were parked.  I think Microsoft should have used these images for the Windows stuff hey? :)

I don't know what it is about the UK but flowers seem to look brighter here, the grass IS greener, the sky is bluer ... why is that? 

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