Sunday, June 21, 2015

Still trying valiantly to keep up the morale of the troops ....

Yeah, well I haven't heard anything from the publisher yet ... I suppose, to be fair, I have to only start ... erm frettin' ... after the end of this month. So I'll just have to be patient until 30th July.     After that though it's a bit of serious editing and soul searching, then I'm sending the proposal out to a group of publishers all at once (I've been told this is not the way to do it but be damned with 'em).

I've also tried (yep, unsuccessfully) to approach interior designers in the Norfolk area to see if they want bespoke abstract art for any projects.  Again, to be fair, I only contacted ONE designer. So come Monday I'll be sending out the same bloody email to as many ID's as I can find - there's got to be ONE person out there who's interested enough in the images of my work to want to see them in the flesh (as it were) and ergo actually PURCHASE stuff, or even better still COMMISSION new work (the ultimate goal, hey?)

Onwards and upwards ...

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