Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This and that ...

We are fast approaching autumn here in the northern hemisphere and what will be our 4th Christmas (end of the third full year since arriving here in December 2012). Things always seem to gather momentum in the summer holidays and the roll doesn't really stop until New Year.  Life is so different to what I was experiencing in South Africa, even though I'm still looking after kids a lot of the time, I do get to run my own business from home, doing transcripts and this is now starting to bring in some 'real' money, I hope it continues.  Being self-employed isn't a picnic, a lot of days I just don't feel like even bothering to secure work for the day or week ahead and it's important to have a bit of support in the form of nagging from my daughter, 'What work have you got to do today?' that kind of thing.  I dread the nag, I hate it but I NEED it, otherwise I'd just slip into farting around with paints and crafts all day and there's no fucking money in that!

I miss my sons terribly - especially Dave, who keeps promising that he'll skype me when he gets home from work, or 'we must skype this weekend mom, I miss you so much' ... Sunday night comes and still no skype and this has gone on for over three months.  It's depressing.  Both my sons make squeaks every now and then that they want to come and live in the UK and ask me to do research for them, I get my hopes up and nothing happens for another month or so. 

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