Thursday, September 17, 2015

And so it goes ...

When she came back from her summer holidays, my grand-daughter brought me back a pretty marble-like beachstone that had on it the words , 'I'm not crabby'  There are a few things that regularly piss me off, the list is growing as I get older but most times I keep the list to myself (yes, you guessed it, not this time).    This is my platform, so it's the only place I can really shout out about some things that really get my goat ... so here goes with the number one biggest bugbear of the moment.

I am absolutely sick to death of Facebook.  I joined and activated my account a very long time ago (before it was uber popular and everyone and his dog was on it) - i.e. back in about 2001 or round about there.  I never used it. I also tried MySpace at the same time and used that more but also I haven't used MySpace in about ten years.  I have had a lot of Twitter accounts for various things - businesses and personal - I also got rid of that lot last year.
When I moved to the UK, it seemed that the only way I was going to be able to keep up to date with what was going on at the kids' schools was to accept friend requests on FB and start checking it regularly for informative posts.  It is such a monumental waste of time.   

I don't leave my FB open all the time, I've got way more stuff to do on my machine and having FB constantly bleeping in the background gets on my fucking nerves.  So I only nip in and out, just to check what someone has asked me and if I can reply.  What's the bloody point of a Like button?  What stupid inanity is that thing?  People 'like' anything - your pet's dying and you post about how much you love him/her and you get a hundred likes, why?  Are people brain dead?
Why is it necessary for people to repost any digital joke, God message or YouTube link that they get sent? FB is so clogged up with garbage it's like wading through a sewer trying to read actual content of any worth.

Another thing I completely do not like is this Tag option.  Why do that?  People know when they're in your fucking photo - so why repost it with a tag? Why do people post selfies every single five minutes? Are they scared they'll forget what they look like?  Very few people (celebrities included) actually look good in a selfie.  And why, oh why in God's earth to people post reams and reams of photos, in diary format on a daily basis (or hourly basis in some cases) of what their kids are doing? Are you fucking stupid and mad? Do you want your child to get abducted?  FB is trawled by cretins, anyone can see your photos if they are even a little bit 'puter savvy.  Stop doing it for pity's sake or if you are going to do it, make the bloody photos PRIVATE so only your family can see 'em.

Why get invited to events that you're not interested in or have never opted into? This is a growing trend and something I'm very annoyed about at the moment.   The problem is (it's very subtle) if you don't respond, you're ostracised.   It's borderline classroom bullying tactics.

Anyway, I've given Facebook a good couple of years and frankly it hasn't matched up to my expectations, I'm just not using it anymore. 

So let's get something clear, I'm not going to be checking your photos, your personal minute by minute updates of how you're feeling, what you're having for dinner, when you took your last crap ... I don't care how bored you are (get a life then) and if you message me on there, you won't be getting any response.

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