Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Oh it were this ...

I started to write something  and completely lost the plot, here's the second 'go'.

Cyber space is weird, which of course is the uber under-statement of the century but it is.  When I started blogging in about 2001, there weren't that many of us around and you certainly didn't blog in those days for commercial gain.  There were no crash courses in how to blog, how to get your SEO's up, what are the right and wrong ways to blog, how to maximise your hits etc. etc. blah-blah ... now there are a plethora of courses you can do for free (or not if you're really stoopid) about how to blog. Why?  For fuck's sake why do marketing departments have to take everything over??  Why does simply having fun have to become a science?

Anyway, when I started blogging there were a little group of us who all used to visit each other's pages and comment, vote, hang out, send emails, be friendly ... yeah, I made lots of friends in those early days, some of them are still with me today in the actual living part of the world, I've met them in person and they are my bestest buddies.  One of these bloggers disappeared off the radar for a long time a while back and I was right worried at the time about her.  Anyway, I'm really, really glad to see that she's back blogging - it kinda reaffirms something but I don't know what it is.

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