Friday, September 18, 2015

Oh yeah and ...

Why are High School girls allowed to wear so much make-up they put Kim Kardashian to shame?  And what happened to the idea that hair should be neat and tidy, tied up if it's long  - not teased 'til you look like Amy Winehouse on a bad hair day?   There's a time and a place for creativity in the way you look and school isn't it.   There is a uniform at LSHS, almost all the children wear it. So why are girls allowed to hike their skirts so the hemline sits just above their fannies?  Don't they have a hemline inspection at schools anymore? Why not? 

And then there are girls and boys who walk out from school smoking, they've barely left the gates and they're lighting up.  This was an instant detention offence 'back in the day'.  If you're going to smoke, at least have the decency to respect your uniform and wait until you get home.  Don't walk down the road in your LSHS blazer puffing away like a slag.

Some of kids obviously have absolutely no regard for authority, couldn't give a shit about any rules or regulations and if they have no respect for their uniform, their school, the school system and rules, what kind of a future do they have in the real world?  If they don't care, why should they be forced to attend school - let 'em stay at home smoking and lounging about, so that there are more spaces for children who really do want to LEARN and make something of their lives.

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