Monday, October 19, 2015

Hohums de dums

Ooo boy ... well I've sent out about 50  'book proposal - cover email enquiry' emails today ... so sit back and wait for the rejections to pile up - I thrive on 'em.  Got three already.
It would be nice if just ONE of them said that they would actually like to see a book proposal from me, then i'd feel like I'd won one small battle.   So keeping positive, that's what I'm a doin'

Radiohead are almost finished with their next album.  I know I'm going to hate it, I just know.  But it'll be worthwhile trying to like it, when it's finished.

I bought a compilation cd of stuff that was released in the Nineties for 1 pound this weekend - the cd's are so cheap because they've all been 'repurposed' ... whatever that means - they look and sound brand new to me.  I digress.  It was interesting to hear some of the cool stuff again that I'd forgotten about. What's happened to the music industry?  Why is it so full of absolute crap?  There's bugger all to listen to that's original anymore. I hate trawling around YouTube, it's depressing as all hell trying to find stuff to listen to that's not pretentious claptrap or brain-damaging noise.  I just want to hear summat different for a change, is that so difficult? (Obviously it is).

School hollerdays start again this week (midterm break), so that means I won't be getting much time to do any work.  I'm really TRYING to write in the mornings, or do stuff that's writerly (hence approaching all the publishers today and yesterday).  I'm having a go at pohms as well, gawd.