Thursday, December 17, 2015

Looking forward

I suppose I am a bit of a diarist … I can’t help myself, I write on scraps of paper in the car whilst waiting for the kids outside school.  I write at night when everyone's gone to sleep in bound books that I purchase specifically for the purpose - no not diaries with dates, but journal type books that I can fill when I want to.  I can't stop myself from dairising and writing my thoughts down but despite that, I always thought it was a complete waste of time, an indulgence, an obsession, a private little problem unique to me. I hardly ever read through my old diaries (and I have hundreds of them, going back to the Eighties - I used to have some from the Sixties but they were lost with the last international move) yet they are something that I always drag along with me whenever I move home and I don’t know why.  When I’m packing, I always manage to find space for the diaries and they weigh a ton!

Since the dawning of the age of the electronic blog,  I’ve semi-diarised some things about my life on and off on the internet – nothing with too much detail because I’m very suspicious of the security of information posted online, which is one of the reasons I so abhor Facebook. 

It’s only since I’ve been searching for a publisher for my book* that I’ve discovered there are publishers who focus on diarists.  This has given me a lot of food for thought and I’m hesitantly interested in the idea of compiling something to offer to such a publisher next year – maybe I’ll have more luck. 

I always believed that Diarists, good ones, didn’t write about their trivial daily grind or the hassles they have in their own lives but that they write about things of national or international importance.  It seems this is not entirely true.  So I’m going to try and find some already published diaries and see what I’m up against. 

* more on that when the current publisher has finished checking my proposal - sometime next year, or next century, they weren't very precise with dates. 

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