Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Scattered thoughts

Foggy morning

IS just massacred a bunch of children in Pakistan and I watched a not very funny Nazi joke on YouTube, sent to me by Dave this morning over Whatsapp

Stephen Hawking reckons science and technology will be humankind’s downfall – or something like that. As if that’s a new idea.

Sometimes my love for E eclipses everything around me and all I see is him.  He gives me so much joy, I can’t believe how happy he makes me feel or how frustrated and sad sometimes when he’s having one of his hissy fits.  I hope our relationship continues to flourish and grow and that I live to watch him become a young man. 

So we are going to South Africa in May – barring booking the tickets, it’s a dead cert – I have fears that the lease on this house might be ended and we may have to be moving out the weekend we’re supposed to be in SA but at least I’ve thought about it first, so it won’t be a shock if it happens!

The ‘snow’ we had was a dusting, nothing to take pictures about.  Looking outside my window, I see that the tree in the front garden has already started to bud, daffodils are growing in neighbours’ gardens, maybe winter is over then and the powdery white stuff we got last week is all we’ll see of snow this year?

Painting – what does it mean to me? What does it feel like to me when I make a painting? This is what I have to write today for my story, as it’s a fundamental aspect of my book.  I made a tentative start last week but it wasn’t good enough. So today, my project is to try and get it down accurately and with some degree of passion. 

I've just finished eating a hot cross bun (no, I didn't toast it 'cos our toaster keeps tripping out).  The cat's playing with the loose carpet at the top of the stairs.  

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