Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Being a bag lady ...

I am finding that my painting work is taking up more of my time than it ever did.  I can't really figure it out, maybe it's because I have now 'switched' (temporarily) to painting on paper and ergo it's not as difficult getting set up and starting a new piece.   I am, though, lugging everything around in strong plastic bags - 'bags for life' (whatever the fuck that stupid term means).

I've got a nice green rather large John Lewis bag and a few assorted Co-op and Tesco bags.  Some have tubes of paint in; some contain glues, gels, gesso, expensive acrylic pastes and binders. I've a clutch of inks in an old Floro margarine tub and my brushes are standing up straight and tall in a washed out Nescafe glass jar.  Oh and I've got assorted old plastic drinking cups that I use to put my water in, glues, solvents and other thingies.   I should get me a supermarket steel trolley, then I'd really fit the profile.

Speaking of profiling ... er, cough, I've been watching "Criminal Minds" lately, mostly because of this ridiculously beautiful creature:

 Aaahh ....

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