Monday, February 22, 2016

On't telly ...

A few things are interesting on the TV at the moment.     The Night Manager has started (I'm only watching the first episode tonight) ... with the illustrious Tom Hiddleston:

Ey Hugh - Get yer greasy paws of my Tom!
Gawd, what a feast.  I can't wax lyrical enough about the Hiddleston. He's not traditionally a hunky kinda guy, he's not classically handsome but he's got 'it'.  His voice could melt steel, for starters. Then there are those eyes and just his grace and elegance ... can't wait to see how he tackles this role. 

Best female actor ever. 
Then there's the insanely intense  Happy Valley.  This is the second series and just as compelling and fraught with the same angst, edge of the seat manic nervy stuff and dark black humour as the first outing.  The writing is extraordinary.
Sarah Lancashire plays the take-no-prisoners copper, Catherine Cawood.  Catherine is a strong amazon of a woman, battling the odds in her professional and personal life and coming to terms with her own demons and vulnerabilities.   The domestic struggles she has to cope with are real things that many people deal with.  She was the victim and the victor in the last series and has had to deal with all kinds of brutality in the line of duty and over and above the cause.   Her spirit is magnificent.   I absolutely adore this character and Sarah's acting is completely pitch perfect, gutsy and honest.     
The lady should get a fucking Oscar.

Mess with this chick at your peril.

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