Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Move along there's nothing to see here.

It's inconceivable, to me, how a third-grade rehash of a classic (Mad Max: Fury Road) could get more Oscars than The Martian, which actually didn't get any Oscars at all.
Just goes to show the Oscar selection committee is populated with narcissistic dumbnuts who wouldn't know a good movie if it kicked them in the balls.  Hmpf.  Disgusted.

In other news,
it's supposed to be the first day of Spring here. Ha! That's a laugh.  Anyway, it is raining, almost sleet and ffffcuking freezing. But this is Blightey so one mustn't complain, must one?

Jason Mamoa (him of Game of Thrones fame) is going to be playing Aquaman (released in 2017, I believe) - oh joy, something to look forward to.  It's a good look for him:

I've been wondering what has happened to Rory McCann ...

Rory and George
But I think he's still doing the GoT proms/comicons ...   

Sorry .another bad photo of Matthew Gray Gubler ..
Is that a gun in your pocket ...
I suppose the fact that he was born a supermodel means that there are absolutely NO yuch photos of him on the Internet - even when he's covered in gunk, or all sweaty, or in crutches ... he's just perfectly pretty. He'll grow up to be a genuinely gorgeous older man. What a lovely person he is, for all that Hollywood bollox and I think he was involved with Taylor Swift at one point (we all make mistakes in our youth).

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