Friday, March 4, 2016

Station ...

Here's the thing, I've been keeping an eye on Keanu Reeves since the days of Bill & Ted - even thought I had a chance after I watched him in Prince of Pennsylvania ... (cough). I suppose his secret must be that bone structure but it's more than that. There's a zen quality about him (and by that I mean way more real than Richard Gere's holier than thou Buddhist serenity).

The two pices above were taken about ten years apart! 

These stills from 2016, shooting John Wick 2 ...

Wonder how he does it ... I'm sure it's not Maybelline. 

In other news
I upgraded my machine to Windows 10 today, took most of the morning. Not noticing anything different but at least MS is happy and it was free, so who's complaining.  
Trying to reorganise my room ... I so need one of these for my art stuff:

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