Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thank God for my Science feed

Oxymorons aside.

I'm so freaking tired of the News and by that I mean World News, General News, Uk News, Entertainment News ... I'll go batshit crazy if I read one more article about:

Donald Trump / the US voting system.
George Osborne
North Korea
Isis / Al Qaeda / insert a terrorist group of your choice here.
Fucking Kim Kardashian and her megalomaniac of a husband.
The entire Jenner family.
Madonna and her airing all her menopausal problems on stage

Facebook is even worse.  Why oh why do people post crap like this: 

"Just when you feel like giving up. Boom. God turns it and it works in your favor"

God couldn't give a fuck about your miserable life, grow up and get lost. Find another forum to troll.

I've said it before but I've really had it up to 'ere with Facebook, it's turned into a junkyard of bad intentions and even worse grammar, half-baked pseudo science masquerading as kitchen philosophies and maudlin moaning housewives.   

So yay for the Science channel on my phone, it's the only place that (so far) hasn't been populated by self-promoting narcissists and boring social inanity.     

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