Thursday, April 28, 2016

Changed, the template is ...

The other 'dynamic view' template was getting on my nerves, so I've reverted to ye olde template of note.  Sorry for the confusion but er deal with it.

Us and Them.

So I did a very big painting yesterday, well it's been in the making for a long time (a couple of years to be honest).   I've gotten some good responses of my Wordpress art bloggy thing but nothing like the responses I thought I'd get - weird.   It's not the best piece of art I've ever done but I like it at the moment, so it stays as it is.  But it seems to me that when I do little scribbles and doodles on pieces of paper, I get much more comment and 'likes' - I don't understand it at all.  

"Sea"  4 foot by 3 foot by 1 1/2 inches on stretched gallery wrap style canvas.

I was looking at some other art sites (again on Wordpress) and being the snobby know-it-all that I am sometimes, I'd like to say that some of the stuff I was looking at was downright crap, could have been done better by my grandson.   From one stroke doodles on a piece of paper, to splodges of paint randomly thrown at a canvas (been there, done that ... like when I was fourteen) ... And yet, there they are ... these non-artists (because that's how I perceive them) are getting thousands (yes, thousands) of followers and hundreds of comments on each post. And it's not like they have an 'edge' or are in any way creative in the way they string a post together, or that they have any mind-boggling profound utterances to impart on the rest of us mere mortals ... again, I don't get it.    It's depressing as all hell.

I analysed work done by one of my peers (again on Wordpress) who is a sweet person and I admire her attitude towards art.  I wanted to see how she was marketing her art and whether she was getting anywhere selling it.   She has a brilliant attitude towards her art but her stuff is technically naive and quite frankly third grade - high school kids do better work.   Yet there she is on Saatchi Online and other art websites marketing her stuff and to all intents and purposes, selling things as well - and not for a pittance either.   She has a massive ego and attaches words like, 'brilliant', 'breathtaking', 'stunning' to the descriptions of her work - I don't think these words apply to any of her paintings - but again, as they say in the old cliche, beauty is in the eye ...
 I'm coming across as really mean in this post and self-centred, bitchy, pouting and petulant, I know I am.  But it hurts.  I've been painting and creating art and struggling to find myself as an artist for almost 55 years, I actually was beginning to think last year that I'd eventually 'cracked it'.  But I'm no longer sure about that, I'm no longer sure about anything anymore.

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