Friday, April 29, 2016

Hey, so for a change I thought I'd try not to moan ...

One of many rape seed fields South Norfolk - early evening April 2016 (taken from inside car)
I've made contact with a few artists on Wordpres this week and it's encouraging to hear their opinions on the marketing of art and how much time it takes out of an artist's life to do the promotion/advertising/marketing/selling of your own work.  Some reckon as much as 50% of a professional artist's day is taken up doing these tasks.

But this is true for any type of cottage industry (even mega-industrial production lines) - producing the work shouldn't take up too much of the makers actual time, otherwise it's not cost effective (golden rule of business).  This is what's often put me off trying to do crafts and thinking I could make a living from that genre - unless you're mass producing on a conveyor belt type of system, you will not make any money and you definitely won't be competitive.

I suppose fine art is a different kettle of fish (sometimes) but there are a lot of artists out there (just look on eBay, Amazon, Saatchi, Art Gallery, Etsy, etc. etc.) who DO make work that looks like it's being done on a production line.  There are many really good artists who seem to stick to a set style in their pictures/paintings, maybe only varying colour and slightly altering composition. The reason for this is quite plain (to me), - they've hit upon a winning formula, the pictures sell well, so why deviate?  Why stray away from the norm?  Keep it all the same, or if you are going to make changes, keep them miniscule.   Don't tamper with it. If it's not fucked, don't fix it.

The problem with this approach, especially with regards fine art, is it results in a body of work that is basically just carbon copies of the original idea. I think that's so monotonous and detrimental to the entire creative process but that's just me.     

Anyways, I'm feeling a bit more upbeat than I was yesterday (i'm not bipolar btw) - we're all entitled to a bit of a moan from time to time.    And 'cos it's Friday, I needed a pick me up to end the week, so here you go all you pervs out there ...

Fixated, me?  Nah ...

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