Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In the checkout lane ...

Ain't it weird how often people of advanced years just seem to have no concept of the 'queueing' system in shops?

I was at our local Cherry Lane (a hardware, plants, sells anything in a mishmash, masquerading as cheap kinda shop) standing there patiently waiting for the ladies at the two tills to finish what they were doing.  I'd been standing there at the beginning of the queue for about five minutes, so I was already getting a bit antsy (cos we all know how impatient I am). 

Along come these two biddies who must have had a collective age of about 160, pushing their trolleys which were laden up with all sorts of stuff.     They are sneaky, they use guerilla tactics these biddies do.  They don't waltz past quickly, they hesitate, stop and chat to whoever is standing around (but not the people in the queues), they appear to be ambling, browsing, not yet quite ready for the till and not seeming to notice that they are heading off in that general direction.   

The design of this particular Cherry Lane makes it damn near impossible NOT to realise that you are at the end of the shop about to go to the tills  - there's nowhere else to actually go, 'cos once you've done the tills you are at the back doors.  You'd have to be blind, daft or in the case of these two harridans, a biddy. 

So yeah, these two darling little 'ladies' (I use the word with great sarcasm and through clenched teeth),  wander in a daze up to the till, deliberatly oblivious to anyone else and proceed to unpack their trolleys.   The till attendant was too kind or deferential towards old folk (or maybe she was related, it's hard to tell here in Norfolk), so she didn't say anything to them about their obvious faux pas and social indiscretion, she didn't even look embarrased, she just launched into a conversation and began helping the two little old crones who I had decided, by then, were witches and hags.

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