Friday, April 1, 2016

More mumbo jumbo

I drew ye olde Knight of Pentacles (amongst other cards)  today in my Celtic cross tarot reading that I'm apt to do on a Friday afternoon ...
Image from Erik Dunne's artwork - check out his website
And according to my book of oracles and meanings (aka Tarot for Idiots vol 1 - or more commonly known as my diary) this means that:
 "A young man will bring me encouragement and friendship"
I can only wish it were someone like ol' Thom (below) ... 'cos as we alll know Radiohead ARE supposed to be releasing the next album any day now ...  

God, I am so tired of the waiting around, it'll probably be right crap and self-indulgent.  (i.e. totally the same as all other Radiohead albums hey? but that's the point).

Music doesn't mean anything anymore.
And it should.

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