Tuesday, May 10, 2016

and moving on ...

I've posted a few things about the Radiohead album, I am still listening to it whenever I can - I need to transfer it to my phone, so I can listen in the car from time to time (cos my old jalopy doesn't have a cd player :( ....  
I'm going with the word 'transcendental' at the moment, it seems to fit my mindset when I listen to the tracks.

There is never anything simple and ordinary about a Radiohead record, that's why I love this band so much - they play 'classical' music - it's not straight up verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus.   And it's no self-indulgent meandering waste of airtime, they build up to a crescendo/get to the point, then end. Done. 
Yes, there are many people out there who can't stand Thom's vocals but his is a tone that compliments whatever is going on instrumentally with each song - the music would be a vast empty space without his vocal input.

So in this album there are shimmering aural soundscapes, strings, massed voices (I won't say choirs), synth/electronika effects, exotic percussion, innovative bass lines, guitar work so beautiful is makes me cry  ... in other words everything you need.  I've been waiting for this food for YEARS (no exaggeration there).   For once, absolutely nothing to complain about at all.   

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