Wednesday, July 13, 2016

crash and burn ...

Yeah, so my old Dell vostro decided to give up the ghost last weekend ... rather annoying and couldn't have happened at a worse time.   Any case, aside from now having headaches retrieving some lost data, I got me a new HP yesterday - the Pavilion model.   So far it's okay and is doing the job - have to test with audio and express scribe later on, to make sure I can actually still  continue working!  

I feel a rant coming along ...

I remember back in the Eighties when the music industry had disco-danced so far up its own arsehole that  life as we know it, ceased to exist.   It was a horrible time for people like me who don't fancy wasting any time at all listening to middle-of-the-road schlock.  I hated the disco era.   Radio, particuarly, made those days intolerable.  Absolutely nothing got played that wasn't 'easy listening' and the Eighties was also the period when punk started forming, so there was plenty of new cutting edge musical ideas being formulated.

Fast forward to our present time.  Simon Cowell should actually be shot, or it would be better to hang, draw and quarter him - this accountant has systematically destroyed the music industry and it's to him that I fairly and squarely lay the blame.   R&B, Motown, Rap, Hip Hop, all these styles of musical expression have their place and we wouldn't have had a band like Rage Against The Machine without them.    But for God's sake what about the rest of it?   So-called 'Alternative' music has cowed down to economic pressure and become down right boring and formulaic ... everything it tried to kick in the teeth in the early nineties.   It grew up and became its accountant dad.   Metal and all its offshoots is and alwas will be  just metal, grinding away in the cupboard like a delinquent psychopath chewing on its own foot.  Don't look for anything innovative there, it'll be years before any of that type of stuff evolves into something different and exciting.  

BUT if radio actually got on the game, like it did in the Sixties, Seventies, Nineties and actually gave air time to people who are trying to do something different things might actually change.    Switch on your radio, doesn't matter what channel you listen to, any time of the day and you'll get the same crap force-fed down your ears.   That's why I refuse point blank to listen to any radio - and UK radio stations completely SUCK these days.   Anyone remember Radio Caroline?  I heard Pink Floyd for the first time on pirate radio, that was in 1966!!!  

I used to think South African radio was crap but it was on a local regional radio station where I heard Nirvana's "Polly" ... long before anyone played "Smells like teen spirit" ... I almost had a stroke right then and there, had to pull off the road and just turn it up to listen.  Radical!  Brilliant!   

Radiohead (and many hundreds more absolutely amazing bands of this day and age) have just released a seminal album, with a brilliantly 'radio friendly' tune on it but do you think radio will play "Burn the witch"?   the day I hear that tune playing on local radio, I'll eat my car exhaust. 

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