Friday, September 30, 2016

Writing ...

I'm always nervous of stating outright that I've come up with some kind of solution to help me with the writing process, because invariably it bombs out and I end up just diarising or writing bollox again.   But I am quite encouraged with the methodology I've stumbled upon - I've  started dictating my 'story' ideas or passages of rough drafts to voice recorder and then listening to it until it's how i like it.  After that I transcribe the audio (which is what I do for a living anyway), editing the text here and there and voila! I end up with a half-decent finished draft of a completed section, ready for proofing.  
What makes this really interesting (for me at any rate) is that I seem to be able to get a better grasp of where I am with the overall content.   I was finding that re-writing just wasn't helping me, I was getting lost in the details or facts - now I can concentrate on looking at my notes, extracting the bits that I need and going with the flow.  Also speaking the words out seems to translate to making it easier to read when it's typed out later on .. if that makes sense, it has a more chatty vibe to it, which is what I'm going for with my latest project.        

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