Thursday, October 13, 2016

garde à l'eau

I’d just sat down on the loo, the phone rings – I pull my stuff up and go to the phone, it stops ringing.
As I’m walking back to the toilet, I see through the glass window in our front door that a big grey car has pulled up outside.    I open the door and it’s the taxi man.  So I go to the car and tell him sorry but I phoned, spoke to your receptionist and cancelled the taxi yesterday morning.   
He shrugs, says it’s okay and something about the office needing to sort themselves out. 
I go back inside and it’s only when I get in the house that I realise my skirt is hoisted half way up my backside.  Luckily, nothing was on display but for goodness sake, a person can’t even go and take a dump anymore.

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