Friday, February 17, 2017

Dusting off the cobwebs ...

Yes folks, I have decided to start up with the blogging again.  I have got so many fingers in such a lot of pies at the moment, something's sure to give sooner or later, hey? 

  • I am re-editing the story about my daughter and paranoid schizophrenia. It was good to leave it alone and revisit it after a few months, 'fresh eyes' and all that.
  • I am trying to see if there is interest locally for a sewing class that I'm interested in starting up.  So far, I haven't had any takers but it's early days - only put it up on FB today.
  • I'm still doing transcript typing - although I hit the doldrums as far as earnings were concerned in November through to end of January - I was starting to get really worried.  My regular client reassured me today that he definitely still needs my services and things will pick up soon. So I don't feel as suicidal as I did yesterday. 
  • I am making more art and actually selling it, which is really great and I'm so thankful for that!   
  • Seems my soft pastel work is attracting a lot of attention. I was approached by a leading art supplies company a couple of weeks ago and asked to use and review a specific brand of soft pastels for them.  They may use my input and comments in a future blog post, I'm optimistic, although I don't know who I was up against.   The person who approached me found my details on Facebook and there I am always slagging it off!  Turns out FB can actually work for a person, whodathunkit? 

  • And yes, I am 100% recovered from my cancer scare.  There are some residual after/side effects that aren't too great but nothing that stops me from getting about and doing my stuff. 

I am going to do some major editing of this blog in coming weeks, a great deal of it needs to get binned. 

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